Chopstir Nylon Chopper

I referenced this item, The Chopstir Nylon Chopper, in my post on Taco Tuesday. It is such a great product, I use it all the time. I prefer a very fine texture in my spaghetti sauce and taco meat recipes. Anytime I'm cooking a ground meat whether it's beef, turkey, pork or even ground chicken … Continue reading Chopstir Nylon Chopper

Doing Great Harm

I recently saw this quote on Pinterest- "One doesn't have to operate with great malice to do great harm. The absence of empathy and understanding are sufficient". (Charles M. Blow, journalist) Have you experienced a significant relationship with someone who lacked empathy and made little effort to understand you? This can happen, even with those … Continue reading Doing Great Harm

Paula’s Choice Skincare

A gal can get choice fatigue with all the skincare options that are available these days. I would like to introduce you to Paula's Choice Skincare this morning. I've been a loyal Paula's Choice customer for as long as her line has been available (which I believe is going on 20 years) and always have … Continue reading Paula’s Choice Skincare


I have been wearing makeup since I was a young woman. The problem was after taking the time to apply it I was never truly happy with the way I looked. I think part of this was due to not using the proper tools (another post for another day) and partly the result of using … Continue reading bareMinerals

Real Change

Many books have been written about attempting to change oneself, and I have read more than my fair share. Over time, I have come to realize that it is possible for a person to change. I believe this because I have changed. When I was a young mother, and because of my perfectionistic tendencies, I … Continue reading Real Change