Amazon Subscribe and Save

This week my product review is for a service, one I use each month, Amazon's Subscribe and Save. My reasons for using Amazon Subscribe and Save is first the money that I save, and then for the ability to buy things that I can't find locally. I save, even compared to Walmart and Target, on … Continue reading Amazon Subscribe and Save

Caring About What Others Think

  I was minding my own business this week when I was dumbstruck by a post on the blog Money Saving Mom. Crystal was sharing about what books she had been reading lately and was doing a brief review of a new book by Mark Batterson, "If: Trading Your If Only Regrets for God’s What If … Continue reading Caring About What Others Think

Country Curtains

Country Curtains is best known as a window treatment catalog. They also have a website as well as brick and mortar stores. The second generation now owns and operates this 60-year-old company in the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts. I absolutely love this company and have ordered from them since I first got married. Even … Continue reading Country Curtains

Intentional Ambiguity

In the culture we live in, where everything is marketed and nothing is quite what it seems, ambiguity is pervasive. There may be a variety of reasons for this; one is definitely for self-protection. My husband works in the service industry and has been told that when dealing with customers who are dissatisfied to communicate … Continue reading Intentional Ambiguity

Culina Stainless Over-the-Sink Strainer

I picked up a strainer (colander) identical to this a couple of years ago. It has been one of the best kitchen "gadget" purchases I have ever made. (I actually own two at this point.) A pet peeve of mine has always been draining pasta in a traditional colander then hoping that the cooking water … Continue reading Culina Stainless Over-the-Sink Strainer


When I personally hear the word entitlement, I think of a spoiled brat who feels that he/she should be treated in a special way. What I never considered, was that I too could be characterized as someone who felt entitled. Relationally, when someone feels entitled they feel they are due something. They have specific expectations … Continue reading Entitlement


I have to admit it. . . a grocery store makes a strange product review! Years ago, when I was first married and worked in a Chicago suburb, a young woman I worked with introduced me to Aldi. One day after work, I went in and I was not impressed. It just seemed like a … Continue reading Aldi