I have to admit it. . . a grocery store makes a strange product review!

Years ago, when I was first married and worked in a Chicago suburb, a young woman I worked with introduced me to Aldi. One day after work, I went in and I was not impressed. It just seemed like a bunch of generic food and nothing in the store looked appealing to me, including the store.

Fast forward 30 years later. Our family was in a financial crisis from my husband losing his job. I began reading budget blogs and kept hearing positive comments about Aldi. I thought I’d give it another try, maybe it had gotten better. I went in, shopped, and have never looked back.

Aldi’s great prices have enabled me to pretty much serve the same things I did, pre-financial crisis, which has given our family a sense of normalcy. Their inventory has improved even in the few short years since I have begun to shop there.

They have a lot of healthy choices including many organic items. They have options for grass-fed beef, antibiotic free chicken, and nitrite free cured meats. I can’t afford to purchase all these top-tier products all the time but I have tried most of them and they are fantastic.

Several things I love about Aldi have nothing to do with the quality of their inventory. First, there is no choice fatigue. You know when you go to purchase an item, let’s say Italian salad dressing, there are 20 choices and you spend several minutes deciding. At Aldi, there are maybe three choices. This makes shopping so much faster than traditional grocery shopping. The fact that the limited choices make the store physically much smaller than a typical grocery store makes the trip even quicker.

Last, but not least, is my favorite reason for shopping at Aldi-the speed of the check out lanes. Let’s just say there is no dilly-dallying! You better have your debit or credit card out because this is going to go fast. In no time, you are checked out and all that’s left is bagging your groceries (which you do yourselves). Bagging your own groceries may not sound like fun, but to be honest, I prefer to. Having a bad back, I can control the weight of what I’m going to have to carry.

If you have an Aldi in your city or town, give it a try. I think you’ll be like I was, and be pleasantly surprised.


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