Corelle Dinnerware

When I was college-aged, girls that were engaged to be married registered two kinds of dishes; fine china for special occasions, and then stoneware for everyday.

For my everyday dishes, I had an off-white stoneware set by Johnson Brothers from Marshall Fields. It served us well for many years and went with everything. Years passed, and we started our family.

As our boys got to the age when they could help set the table and bring their dirty dishes to the sink I found the stoneware SO heavy and just cumbersome. Also, as I did many more loads of dishes with our growing family, I found the bulky stoneware took up so much room in the dishwasher.

Instead of purchasing separate kids plates and bowls, I bought a set of Corelle Dinnerware for all of us to use. At first, I just viewed the tableware as a temporary solution but then something happened…I fell in love with these dishes.

They were lightweight, using them was a breeze – whether that was setting the table or clean-up (they didn’t crowd the dishwasher) or storing them (they took up a lot less space than my stoneware did).

I will tell you as someone well into their fifties, the lightweight part continues to be their biggest selling point to me. I have had my current set (Winter Frost White) for about 20 years now and it’s getting time to replace them. I promise you I will be purchasing another set of Corelle dishes!



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