Gold Bond Rough and Bumpy Skin Therapy Cream

As colder weather arrives, we'll all be wearing warmer clothes that cover a lot of skin. The problem is clothing, constantly rubbing against our skin, causes irritation that often produces bumps and rough patches. I saw this body cream and decided to give it a try. It works fantastic as an all over cream, however … Continue reading Gold Bond Rough and Bumpy Skin Therapy Cream

Some Things Do Get Better

Our family has had many struggles going back to the beginning of our marriage. Our oldest son received a liver transplant when he was a child. Along with that hard thing, we have experienced many other difficulties that left me struggling to believe that I would ever again see the goodness of the Lord in … Continue reading Some Things Do Get Better

Madison Reed Hair Color

Many years ago, I discovered by accident that I have an allergy to hair dye. I ended up at the emergency room having to go on a round of steroids to get rid of the horrible rash I developed. This allergy to hair dyes became a huge problem for me when I began to gray. … Continue reading Madison Reed Hair Color

IT Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

Back when I started this blog, I made a comment on this post about the need for good makeup tools. Makeup brushes are essential. If you do not have a good set of makeup brushes, it may be why you struggle with makeup application (it certainly was for me). I have recently purchased several makeup … Continue reading IT Cosmetics Makeup Brushes