Disposable Vinyl Gloves

I use these disposable vinyl gloves, which I purchase from Amazon, for EVERYTHING. Not kidding, I use them in food preparation, cleaning my home, working outside... you name it, and I count on these gloves to make the job easier or less gross, depending on what needs to be done. What's funny is that when … Continue reading Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Your Legacy, Curse or Blessing?

The following are the words of a beautiful song by Sara Groves. Her songs speak to me in such a powerful way - I hope they might for you as well. I have the highlighted chorus written on a card that I keep within view to remind me of how my actions and attitude can … Continue reading Your Legacy, Curse or Blessing?

Makeup Organizer

I purchased this makeup organizer from Target a few months ago. Prior to purchasing, I had picked up a couple of very inexpensive ones from Amazon. They were just cheap looking and functionally they held few products. This particular¬†organizer can be bought in multiples and stacked if you have a lot of products you wish … Continue reading Makeup Organizer


Have you heard of dermaplaning? It is a process where you exfoliate while also¬†removing the fine hairs (peach fuzz) from your facial skin. Using a tool such as a Tinkle Eyebrow Razor (see picture above), you hold your facial skin taut. Holding the razor at a slight angle, you shave your entire face (less immediate … Continue reading Dermaplaning