Clean Ones Disposable Vinyl Gloves

This product review probably will tell a lot about me, some of which probably should embarrass me. I say “probably should” because as you get older, more things that should embarrass a person simply do not!

I use these disposable vinyl gloves, that I purchase from Walmart, for EVERYTHING. Not kidding, I use them in food preparation, cleaning my home, working outside… you name it and I count on these gloves to make the job easier or less gross, depending on what needs to be done.

What’s funny is that when I watch any Food Network cooking show I always think, “You need my disposable gloves to do that”. In food preparation, they are great in preventing contamination. When I’m finishing slicing raw chicken, I just peel them off and toss them into the trash. Incredibly useful and convenient.

Head over to Walmart (don’t forget that their associates will shop for you now and all you have to do is pick up your groceries – best thing ever!) and get yourself a box of these Clean Ones Vinyl Gloves. You will find a million uses for them.

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