Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

So many suffer from dry, cracked hands this time of year. (I know some parts of the country are having unseasonably warm weather this winter, others are having their normal fare of cold blustery days.)

I personally suffer from very dry hands year round. I work from home and am constantly washing my hands by doing dishes, caring for my cats, gardening, cleaning, cooking … you name it!

This hand lotion has been so helpful in keeping my hands decent looking. When I was looking for something that would be therapeutic for my dry, cracked hands this particular hand cream kept popping up in the recommendations.

I have been using it the last several months and it has really made a difference. If you suffer from dry winter hands or perhaps, like me, year-round dryness give Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream a shot. I think you’ll really be pleased.

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