My Daily Devotional

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Grace Notes by Philip Yancey is a daily devotional that I ‘ve been reading this year. It is by far my favorite devotional that I have ever used.

This devotional draws from Mr. Yancey’s days as editor of Christianity Today and several of the books he has written. What I appreciate so much about his point of view, is the honesty and authenticity that resonates from each page.

Philip Yancey does not think it sinful or unusual to doubt or to feel let down by God. He speaks through his own life experiences and the fellow pilgrims he has met along the way. Mr. Yancy is forthright about his struggles, even as a member of a local church.

One of the most memorable and moving passages surrounds his relationship with Dr. Paul Brand who worked with victims of leprosy and co-wrote with Philip Yancy “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.”

If you’re looking for a devotional, please give this one a try. I cannot recommend it enough, as it is full of grace and encouragement. It’s available in all formats here.

God bless!

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