Plan to Eat

Plan to Eat Logo large picThis post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

I’ve been a subscriber to Plan to Eat for the last several years. What I love about this particular meal planning service is that you are able to use your recipes, not someone else’s (which never works out for me).

When I’m browsing food blogs (too often) or see a recipe on Facebook that I want to try I simply click on my Plan to Eat Recipe Clipper. It uploads the recipe and photo to my personal recipe book page on the Plan to Eat website.

When recipes are uploaded into your personal recipe book, they are automatically filed into categories like appetizers, main course, slow cooker, soups and so on. These are standard default categories that you would typically find in a cookbook, or you can customize your own.

How I use Plan to Eat:

Before ordering my groceries online (through Walmart), I go to my recipe book and decide what I want to prepare for the following week. I click on the Queue button which is represented by a  “√” located on the lower left side of each recipe pic, and those recipes go into my queue.

I then click the Plan button, which takes me to a planner calendar where I decide which day I want to make each of my recipes. I just drag the recipe from my queue list located on the left side of the page to my planner calendar on the right side of the page. When I’ve finished this for the week, I click the Shop button.

This is where it gets good. Suddenly I have a shopping list all prepared for me! You can discard ingredients from your shopping list that you already have in your pantry. After doing that, you print your shopping list to take to the store or use as a guide when shopping online as I do. You can also export your shopping list via email to your smartphone.

And, it’s as easy as that! Head over here to give this excellent meal planning service a good look-see.  I could not recommend it more!