What is Patriotism?

Patriotism, large pic

When I think of summer here in the states, I think of the three national holidays that pretty much frame our summer months.

First, I think of Memorial Day that signals the beginning of summer, the Fourth of July which is smack dab in the middle of summer and then Labor Day which waves goodbye to summer.

Even though these holidays cause us Americans to reflect on the cost of our freedom, the joy of independence, and our hard-working men and women who make this country great, we often mindlessly think about the family get together and perhaps what dish to bring.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been thinking about patriotism. Some views are floating around that I want to bring to the light and see whether they have any truth to them or are they someone’s attempt to manipulate our worldview for their benefit.

One group of folks in the US would have you believe that the founders of our country were pretty much perfect. My worldview says not a chance. I say that because I think that we’re all sinners, and as C. S. Lewis said, “Man is not good.”

The word grace means unmerited favor, which would indicate any help America receives from the Almighty is not earned, not even a little bit.

No one can know for sure what part God played in our country’s infancy or at any time since but I have no problem thanking my heavenly Father for every mercy I witness.

As citizens of the US, our personal value does not come from being an American but by being image bearers of God which means all humankind has the same amount of worth.

I love my children more than anything just because they are mine. I am grateful to be their mother. However, I  in no way, think my sons are perfect but do hope and pray that they are continually maturing into better men. I trust my heavenly Father to play a part in this evolution.

I feel the same way about my country. I love America; I’m grateful to be a citizen. However, I in no way think the US is perfect or has ever been. I do hope and pray that all of us, as Americans, are maturing into more honorable human beings and I do trust the Lord to play a part in that process.

At least that’s how I see it.


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