A Year of No Spending

This month I have written about the importance of meal planning to reduce your food budget, buying groceries online to curb impulse buying, and also how to save money by forgoing a gym membership and exercising at home. If after doing all the cost-cutting measures you can think of, you’re still not happy about your finances, you may need to entertain an idea that my spouse and I are implementing this year.

If you, like us, find yourself in a downward spiral of spending more than you’re comfortable with or perhaps you’ve even gotten perilously close to having more money going out than coming in, you may need to put the brakes on your spending.

That’s okay, and for most of us, we find ourselves in this place during certain seasons of our lives. It may mean you need to curb your spending for a short amount of time or perhaps even a longer one.

My husband and I have been pouring money into our little “forever” cottage and needed to stop for awhile while we gain some perspective. We’ve decided to do this by embarking on a year of no spending. What I mean by that is to take a vacation from spending this year except for essentials.

This vacation is not the fun bus as we are only a few weeks in and I realize how I’ve used buying a little something here and there as stress relief! I do think that just as little ones need time-outs to readjust their behavior, we adults do too. Not sure how this is going to play out, however, I will update you during the year and let you know how we’re managing.