Beauty Pie

Marcia Kilgore is the brainchild behind Beauty Pie. If that name sounds familiar, think Bliss Spas. This lady has always been a go-getter, and several years ago she came up with a novel idea.

Ms. Kilgore spoke of her revelation as she was leaving Sephora with armfuls of product from one of the world’s leading beauty labs that she was taking home for free to try. She thought of how much those same products would be marked up before hitting retail shelves. There would be few who would be able to get their hands on what she thought were some fantastic products.

Shen began thinking – What if there was a beauty buyer’s club for luxury products from the world’s leading labs? Charging a fee for access to member prices, allowing members to purchase directly from the labs that make the products. No middle-men, no mark-ups. Operating income would come from memberships.

She has done just that, and I for one am so glad! Membership to Beauty Pie is open to everyone. The members of Beauty Pie have the same collective buying power as the big brands. Even though the headquarters are in London, members can get products shipped to the mainland US for a nominal fee ($8.27 per order, no matter the size!).

I’ve been a member pretty much since the beginning. You can either pay $99 a year or $10 a month for membership which allows members to buy $100 worth of products a month (based on the products regular retail price value).

For instance, let’s look at a member buying the lipstick featured at the top of the post. The regular retail price value is $25, so a brand new member could purchase four of them (4 x $25 = $100) but would only pay $2.46 x 4 = $9.84 plus shipping at $8.27, and any taxes due. Do you get it?

They could do this each month with any combination of products, or they could allow their monthly allowance to roll over so that when they order they only pay one shipping fee and have a much larger allowance to work with. This is what I do. When I do order, it’s so fun, and when the order arrives it’s like Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, or any holiday or birthday. A Beauty Pie membership would make the best present. It would enable your loved one (or you) to receive $1200 worth of luxury beauty and skincare yearly at incredibly low prices (less than the drugstore!).

In case you’re wondering why there is a spending limit imposed on members, according to the Beauty Pie website monthly shopping limits have been calculated and limited based on what will make Beauty Pie viable. Your unspent monthly allowance rolls over to the next month as long as your membership is still active. If you cancel your membership, you forfeit any unused shopping limit.

Over the last couple of years, since I’ve been a member, I’ve received several large orders. At this point, the product range has grown large enough that I can order exactly the kinds of makeup and skincare that I want. Personally, I prefer skincare without fragrance, and I like cream makeup products as opposed to powder. I’m able to buy just what I need without making any compromises to save money.

I highly recommend Beauty Pie. I realize membership sounds a little confusing; however, I will say the learning curve is short!