What is Patriotism?

When I think of summer here in the states, I think of the three national holidays that pretty much frame our summer months.

First, I think of Memorial Day that signals the beginning of summer, the Fourth of July which is smack dab in the middle of summer and then Labor Day which waves goodbye to summer.

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Loving Our Children

If I could go back in time and be able to change one thing, it wouldn’t even be difficult choosing. It would be not to care so much what others think.

I was a naive young mother who thought if I read enough parenting books and then was diligent in applying what I learned, I would have no significant problems with my kid’s behavior. Remember, I said I was naive.

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A Support System

We all need a support system. Yours may consist of a parent or parents, good friends or siblings, or even perhaps longtime co-workers.

It doesn’t matter who your support system consists of; it’s just important that you have one. Of course, if you’re married your number one support system should be your spouse.

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A Contrite Heart (Honesty Before God)

The song I want to share with you all has become such a precious reminder to me how much it pleases God when we take personal responsibility for our actions and are genuinely heartbroken over our failures.

God loves each one of us – warts and all. His only prerequisite to fellowship is not perfection, but repentance. And repentance is not even promising it won’t happen again. It’s just confessing and being broken over whatever it is that we’ve done.

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A Year of No Spending

This month I have written about the importance of meal planning to reduce your food budget, buying groceries online to curb impulse buying, and also how to save money by forgoing a gym membership and exercising at home. If after doing all the cost-cutting measures you can think of, you’re still not happy about your finances, you may need to entertain an idea that my spouse and I are implementing this year.

If you, like us, find yourself in a downward spiral of spending more than you’re comfortable with or perhaps you’ve even gotten perilously close to having more money going out than coming in, you may need to put the brakes on your spending.

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Buying Groceries Online

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I have shared with you all in this first month of the year, my opinion on how to save money while beginning or maintaining a focus on healthy habits.

Last week I wrote about meal planning. No matter if that is something you undertake yourself, or if you subscribe to a meal planning service, there is no doubt in my mind that meal planning is essential to putting healthy and affordable meals on the table.

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Meal Planning

This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

I truly think that to get healthy you need to feed your body good wholesome food. In our home consistently preparing whole food meals along with the goal of saving money would be impossible unless I meal plan. I don’t think anyone could accomplish both of these things simultaneously while flying by the seat of their pants.

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Getting Healthy and Saving Money

Happy New Year!

I think we can all imagine what it would take to get healthier or what we would need to do to put the breaks on spending money but combine those two goals and we’re apt to throw our hands up and give up before even starting. Getting healthy and saving money seems like an oxymoron because we all know how much healthier lifestyle costs. Right?

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Sometime during this past week, a song entitled “Overnight” performed by musician Amy Grant showed up on my YouTube recommended videos. I had never heard this song before. “Overnight” is from the CD “Somewhere Down The Road” by Amy Grant from 2010. I started wondering what was going on in my life in 2010 that allowed me to miss this popular song.

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Your Legacy, Curse or Blessing?

The following are the words of a beautiful song by Sara Groves. Her songs speak to me in such a powerful way – I hope they might for you as well. I have the highlighted chorus written on a card that I keep within view to remind me of how my actions and attitude can affect others.

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