On Becoming Wise

In Proverbs (24:3), King Solomon wrote: "Through wisdom, a house is built, and through understanding, it is established." Making wise decisions as a married couple is an essential component in allowing your home to be life-giving and not draining. It is so incredibly important that both spouses, individually and together, make every effort to do … Continue reading On Becoming Wise

“The Books”

  My husband and I have moved 20 times in 32 years of marriage. To say that our grown children or we have struggled to call any place "home" is an understatement. For those of you who have frequently moved as a family, you understand what I'm saying. When my boys were young, and finances … Continue reading “The Books”


Have you ever heard someone say, "I'm not going to change!"? I certainly have and may have said that statement myself, on occasion. I've been thinking about the possibility of someone never changing. Throughout our lives, we keep evolving as we experience life. The only way to avoid change would be stubbornness or intellectual laziness. … Continue reading Evolving

Your Legacy, Curse or Blessing?

The following are the words of a beautiful song by Sara Groves. Her songs speak to me in such a powerful way - I hope they might for you as well. I have the highlighted chorus written on a card that I keep within view to remind me of how my actions and attitude can … Continue reading Your Legacy, Curse or Blessing?


Pray without ceasing. (I Thessalonians¬†5:17) I struggled with prayer for many years, or to be more honest, decades. I felt it a Christian obligation. I would try to find time alone while I was raising our boys to go through my¬†laundry list of praise and then petition. It was less than heartfelt many days. Sometime … Continue reading Prayer


We all have idols, children (me), desire for security (me), praise from others, careers, sports, personal achievement and so on ¬†. . . Everything I listed above represents good things however when we heap too much attention and affection on those things, we lose perspective and make idols. I think one of the reasons we … Continue reading Idols


Years ago I heard a pastor share that his staff had sent a questionnaire out to parents of the youth asking them what their greatest fears were and consequently where they needed the most support in regard to raising their kids. Drugs, premarital sex, all the usual suspects were listed, except for one that this … Continue reading Laziness

(Maybe Not) The Happiest Time of the Year

I think marketing dictates so much of how we think we "should" feel. And when it comes to the holidays, we should feel all warm and fuzzy. At least, that's what advertisers would have us think. When our circumstances do not offer that, we often times try to artificially manufacture those feelings. As many of … Continue reading (Maybe Not) The Happiest Time of the Year

Food for Thought

This is an anonymous prayer that appeared in our Sunday Bulletin years ago and I recently ran across it. It speaks of the gift of life itself. I personally take that gift for granted most of the time. Each time I read this it helps me refocus and think about what is really important. Here … Continue reading Food for Thought


Sometime during this past week, a song entitled "Overnight" by musician Amy Grant showed up on my YouTube recommended videos. I had never heard this song and didn't know how I missed it. The song is from the CD "Somewhere Down The Road" by Amy Grant from 2010. I started wondering what was going on … Continue reading Perseverance