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Have you heard of dermaplaning? It is a process where you exfoliate while also removing the fine hairs (peach fuzz) from your facial skin.

Using a tool such as a Feather Flamingo Facial Touch-up Razor (see picture above), you hold your facial skin taut. Holding the razor at a slight angle, you shave your entire face (less immediate eye area).

I heard about this from a beauty blogger on YouTube and tried it. I loved how my face felt afterward and could not believe how much dead skin was removed.

The bonus of dermaplaning is that all of your peach fuzz is removed. The fine hairs on your face may or may not be something that bothers you but I have to say it certainly makes makeup application look so much better.

And no, once removed the fine hairs on your face will not grow back as stubble. That is an old wives tale! Go ahead and pick up these inexpensive Feather Flamingo Facial Touch-up Razors and give dermaplaning a try. I think you’ll be very pleased.