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One of my favorite things that I use constantly is Ebates. I have used shopping rebate sites for over 15 years and have saved several thousand dollars over that time period. I usually receive a check every three months with an amount between 50 to 100 dollars. That money is just for shopping that I would have done anyway.

What I love about Ebates is that you can install the Ebates button on your toolbar and whenever you shop on a website, Ebates will automatically remind you if the store participates in the Ebates program and if so, what the cashback amount is. How convenient is that?

During different sale seasons (like Black Friday), Ebates often doubles the cashback amount. I can tell you first hand, those rebates really add up.

I can’t encourage you enough if you are not already signed up for Ebates to head over here and do so. You will receive your cash back payment every three months. You can choose to have a physical check sent to your home, or they will pay through Paypal.

I truly hope you sign up this great rebate program and save a bundle this holiday season!