When I hear the word entitlement, I think of a spoiled brat who feels that he/she should be treated specially. What I never considered, was that I too could be characterized as someone who felt entitled.

Relationally, when someone feels entitled they feel they are due something. They have specific expectations of others. I have had expectations of other people since I was a child. In retrospect, I realize that I have felt entitled to be treated the way I treated others, felt entitled to being loved well, felt entitled to being respected and I have even felt entitled to be loved as a daughter by in-laws. I could go on and on . . .

I have learned the hard way, and I mean the HARD way that we are not entitled to anything in this world. Putting this expectation to death is something I struggle with daily.

I know some reading this post may think the expectations I described above are fairly reasonable and not consider them as feelings of entitlement. What I have learned, during my lifetime, is that it is dangerous not only to your self-esteem but also to your valued relationships to think or feel you are “due” some level of treatment.

I have many times felt worthless, because of incorrectly thinking that I must not be valuable enough to be treated (what I considered) well. Conversely, I have thought something must be very wrong with the other person if they were unable to treat me (again, what I considered) well.

We are all sinners, and we sin against each other every day. One way we do this is by failing to treat each other in an honorable way. Human beings are not perfect, very far from it!

If I could accept all that I have just written, my disposition and my relationships would be so much better! My hope is that I will eventually get to a place of emotional maturity that enables me to view being well-loved and cared for as a blessing, not an entitlement.

Have a blessed day!