EvolvingHave you ever heard someone say, “I’m not going to change!”? I certainly have and may have said that statement myself, on occasion.

I’ve been thinking about the possibility of someone never changing.

Throughout our lives, we keep evolving as we experience life. The only way to avoid change would be stubbornness or intellectual laziness. Let me explain.

Stubbornness would explain someone who refuses to change even though their life experiences would cause an emotionally mature person to change their mind about some things. They hold on to the past out of fear that change would represent disloyalty to a culture or perhaps a birth family that they feel an allegiance to.

Intellectual laziness explains some folks who just don’t like to process their thoughts. Thinking things through feels burdensome to them. They remain emotionally immature and ignorant their whole lives. They never change.

Sometimes, as a significant other, we are afraid of our partners changing. We shouldn’t be. It is the natural course of events. The only concern we should ever have is if those changes resulted in unethical behavior.

Let’s all view evolving as something positive and grant significance to those dear people or events that changed us (even in a small way).

May God bless!