Fiesta Dinnerware by Homer Laughlin

I was introduced to Fiesta as a child in my parents home. In our kitchen cabinet resided a colorful set of dishes which made an appearance on our table at each meal. I think my mother purchased her set in the 1950’s which came in a box of mixed colors.

In the last ten years or so, Fiesta by Homer Laughlin has experienced a resurgence in popularity. Their tableware is well made and affordably priced. It warms my heart that my son’s generation is now discovering the same dishes that my parents used.

I recently bought a set of Fiesta dinnerware that I often use on the blog to post recipes. They also serve as my everyday dishes. I transitioned from having Corelle as my boys grew up to wanting a little something different now that they’re grown.

I will say Fiesta dishes are weighty and I certainly can’t crowd them in my dishwasher like I did my old Corelle dishes. I am enjoying them though. My parents were both from West Virginia where the headquarters and factory of Homer Laughlin reside, so that’s fun for me. I am also so pleased to buy something that is made in America. (My Corelle dishes were too.)

If you’re looking for an everyday set of dishes, take a look over here. I’ve personally ordered many times from the Fiesta Factory website, and my purchases have always arrived safely. All Fiestaware has a five-year warranty as well.

I think you’ll find many things that you’ll fall in love with.