Madeon Hard Lotion Bars

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I first ordered a trial size of Madeon Hard Lotion Bars through a blog I read frequently called Money Saving Mom. Crystal raved about them, so I gave these lotion bars a try, and I have to say – I love them!

Madeon Lotion Bars only contain a few ingredients, namely beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter. To use the lotion bar, you simply rub it on your skin. Your normal body temperature will cause it to soften immediately.

I suffer from very dry hands from dishwashing plus I’m pretty compulsive about washing my hands. They get so dry in the winter that they will crack. This lotion bar rubbed on my dry hands keeps them bathed in moisture. They don’t feel greasy, just very comfortable.

You can purchase these lotion bars in some lovely scents, however, I prefer the unscented version. My skin is so sensitive that I don’t want to add a possible allergen into the mix.

One of the gift sets would make such a wonderful Christmas gift for the person on your list who is difficult to buy for. Head over here, and perhaps you’ll be able to get some folks checked off your list.