Madison Reed Hair Color

Many years ago, I discovered by accident that I have an allergy to hair dye. I ended up at the emergency room having to go on a round of steroids to get rid of the horrible rash I developed.

This allergy to hair dyes became a huge problem for me when I began to gray. I found out about Madison Reed Hair Color through an internet search on how to solve my quandary of coloring my hair with a hair dye allergy. I kept reading about good experiences regarding women with sensitivities using this brand so I thought I would give it a try.

I had much anxiety because of the terrible experience I  previously had that required medical attention. To my amazement, I did not react! Madison Reed provides good gray coverage as well. The cost is $19.95 on auto delivery (you choose the frequency) and $5 for S/H. This brand is not inexpensive, however, if you have hair dye allergies like I do it is a godsend!