Reprogramming Our Default Mode

We each think we have the corner on the market regarding truth. I remember hearing a pastor speak years ago about how the church (regardless of our denomination) may hold certain views today as non-negotiables but may have a new set twenty years from now.

Our parents, with a clean conscience, believed certain things and passed those beliefs down to us. Even though we may have gone through a period of our lives where we verbalized complete disagreement with those beliefs, as time passes those same views somehow become our default mode.

Yes, catch us off-guard, and those cultural beliefs and norms from our childhood seem to pop out of our memory and mouth. Sometimes, when we hear ourselves we are shocked and reflect on how we sound “just like our parents.”

We need to be intentional about what we believe. Think your belief system through and discuss it with someone that you can trust. Ask that person if what you are saying reflects how you live your life. It should!

May we all do a better job verbalizing what we truly believe so that we provide clarity and not confusion to those who are paying attention to what we have to say.

May God bless!