OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Cube Tray with Silicone Lid

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You may look at this ice cube tray and wonder what the big deal is. Allow me to share! First, and probably most significant, is the fact that there’s a silicone cover for the ice cube tray. What a great idea that is! You, perhaps like me, may have an ice maker in your freezer and think you wouldn’t have any need for an ice cube tray, cover or no cover.

I use this tray to freeze small amounts of many things that would end up getting thrown out because of spoilage. To name a few, I freeze canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, canned pumpkin for smoothies, and leftover bottled wine to use in recipes.

You portion out whatever you would like to freeze in the ice cube tray. After freezing,  just pop out and seal into a quart size freezer bag. The list just goes on and on as to what you can freeze and use at a later time.

Head over here and pick one up, and leave a comment below sharing what you’re going to use it for to inspire the rest of us!