Pray without ceasing. (I Thessalonians 5:17)

I struggled with prayer for many years, or to be more honest, decades. I felt it a Christian obligation. I would try to find time alone while I was raising our boys to go through my laundry list of praise and then petition. It was less than heartfelt many days.

Sometime during my spiritual journey, I heard someone speak of a different interpretation of “pray without ceasing.” This person, spoke about praying throughout the day, just like you would communicate with a companion.

That idea resonated with me, and it seemed so natural to communicate throughout the day instead of unloading (what it felt like to me) at one specific time.

I think every good and perfect gift is from above. Each time I don’t experience a disaster when I should, no manner how minor, or feel a blessing, again no matter how small, I simply say “Thank you Lord” and truly mean it.

Prayer also does not have to be verbal. You may be reading your devotional or Bible and just be in agreement in your heart and nonverbally say Amen!

I am in no way trivializing those who are disciplined and pray each day at a certain time, i.e. have a more formal prayer time. I think of prayer as a phone call to our heavenly Father, and I don’t think it matters to Him if we call throughout the day or have one long phone call once daily.

I hope this encourages those like me who have struggled with more formal prayers. Perhaps once and for all, you can set aside the guilt that I struggled with for so long.

Have a blessed day!