My product review this week is strictly for the ladies. It would seem we ladies always have “something” we need to dispose of discreetly. Many of us are guilty of thinking that when we reach menopause we will finally be finished with feminine care products. Au contraire!

Menopause has many surprises for us – and not many welcome. One is our bladder muscles seem to weaken overnight. All of a sudden Poise products are on the shopping list. Many of us experienced a gradual weakening of these muscles after our pregnancies, however, this problem increases significantly during menopause.

Scensibles offer a sanitary and discreet way to dispose of anything you need to. It doesn’t hurt that they are packaged adorably and are pink!

Head over to Amazon and pick up a box of these. They aren’t available through Amazon Prime but I love them so much I buy them regardless. (I am not the only one as this product has a five-star rating.)