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I have been wearing makeup since I was a young woman. The problem was after taking the time to apply it I was never truly happy with the way I looked. I think part of this was due to not using the proper tools and partly the result of using products that were so difficult to work with.

About 15 years ago, I was introduced to mineral makeup by bareMinerals. This discovery changed everything! The application was easy; I felt I had nothing on my face and most importantly the result was that I looked better in makeup than I ever had.

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bareMinerals Brow Powder

It is said that at mid-life you begin to discover hairs where you don’t want them and lose hairs where you do. Unfortunately, I have found that to be pretty accurate.

One of the places we begin to lose hair is our eyebrows. It sneaks up on us and one day we’re looking in the mirror and wondering where our brows went. I have tried many ways to camouflage this problem using brow pencils or gel brow liners and to be honest they look weird (like someone drew them on!).

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