As a child growing up, my parents would always call us to the window or even outside to see rainbows. There is something so magical and captivating about them. If you are a believer in God or a follower of Christ rainbows are significant.

After the flood, as recorded in the book of Genesis, God showed his mercy by saying He would never again destroy everything. He illustrated this by using the symbol of the rainbow.

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Some Things Do Get Better

Our family has had many struggles going back to the beginning of our marriage. Our oldest son received a liver transplant when he was a child. Along with that hard thing, we have experienced many other difficulties that left me struggling to believe that I would ever again see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

What I have thought about lately and wanted to share with you is that even tough things, including chronic health issues, can get better over time. We have had both physical and mental health problems that were extremely serious, and some have improved dramatically, albeit slowly, over time.

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