We all have a still small voice inside of us that gives up pause. Pause when we are heading into a situation which we have no business in, pause when we have hurt someone, but we are being prideful and don’t want to apologize and pause when we’re headed down the road that holds no possibility of honoring God or our belief system.

I think if we drown that still small voice out by our arrogance (I know what I’m doing), or pridefulness (I’ll do what I want), or our foolishness (what’s the worst that can happen) repeatedly, we get to the place we can’t hear it.

When we are young, our consciences are tender but when selfishness and hedonism overtake a tender heart because of spiritual laziness the result over time is often disastrous.

God help us all to be faithful and tender-hearted in the small challenges in life and be in good “soul” shape when we’re tested in the large things.

God Bless!