Walking at Home

As I have focused on getting healthy while saving money this month, I had to share my favorite frugal exercise program for the last 20 years. It’s Leslie Sansone’s “Walk At Home” Program.

For many years, the program was only available on CDs to play in your DVD player.  Even though you can still walk with Leslie by playing one of her Walk Away the Pounds CD’s, she has recently gone on Youtube. Leslie also has an online program called Your Daily Walk that is $49.99 for a yearly membership or $4.99 monthly, and you receive different online workouts five days a week delivered to your email inbox.

I know there are multitudes of exercise videos you can purchase and probably many programs available online but for many of us, they are just too difficult. Leslie’s program is very inclusive and one of the reasons I’m such a fan. Her workouts will get you into shape while being physically possible for most. Each of her different walks contains a handful of different moves that are simple to do.

And for me, simple=doable, and doable=success! I highly recommend all the different formats of Leslie Sansome’s “Walk at Home” programs regardless if you have pounds to shed or not and whether you’re male or female. For middle-aged adults who are not fitness hounds, you will love it. A bonus is Leslie’s lovely personality. She is kind, encouraging and before long feels like an old friend.