Buying Groceries Online

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I have shared with you all in this first month of the year, my opinion on how to save money while beginning or maintaining a focus on healthy habits.

Last week I wrote about meal planning. No matter if that is something you undertake yourself, or if you subscribe to a meal planning service, there is no doubt in my mind that meal planning is essential to putting healthy and affordable meals on the table.

This week I want to sing the praises of buying groceries online. In our area, I have the option of Instacart (Publix), or ordering online at Walmart or Kroger and picking up my groceries at their respective stores.

Before beginning to shop online through Walmart, I did a lot of my grocery shopping at Aldi. What’s surprising to me, is that I spend the same amount of money now and don’t have to do the shopping physically.

When I shop online, I think there is much less impulse buying. I just select what I need for my recipes, paper and cleaning items and checkout. My husband stops by on his way home from work and pops his trunk and the good folks at Walmart load our groceries for the week.

We have been shopping this way for the last year now, and it’s terrific! We save money, time and energy!

Head over here if you would like to try out Walmart’s online shopping service and you’ll save $10 off your first order. I cannot recommend it enough.

Have a great day!